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SoundEar® 3-310

SoundEar® 3-310

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The new SoundEar® 3-310 is an ideal tool to help monitor and map the noise environment. The visual signal also tells you when you need to wear hearing protection if the noise is too loud.


  • Type 2 noise level meter that meets OH&S reporting standards
  • Approx. A4 page size. 256mm X 205mm X 45mm
  • Easy wall mount
  • Built in Noise Logger that saves LAeq, LCpeak and other noise measurements for up to 90 days
  • Has a measuring range from 30 dB to 120 dB
  • Dust and Water resistant for industrial uses
  • Configure front digital display for noise level, temperature, clock or alarm clock
  • Easy connection via USB or wireless to transfer log data or configure the device
  • Included SoundEar software for noise report generation and calibration of the device
  • Follow measurements in real time or view noise exposure levels over a selected time or date range
  • All measurements can be saved in a CSV format and can be opened in Excel for custom reports

To learn more about the features of SoundEar® 3 Series, watch:

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Software Demo

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