• Hospitals

    SoundEar for Hospitals: Reducing noise, protecting staff, enhancing recovery and patient wellbeing in sensitive hospital areas.

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  • Mining

    Ensuring worker safety with real-time noise monitoring in loud, potentially hazardous mining environments.

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  • Entertainment Venues

    Managing sound levels to optimize customer experience and safety in vibrant clubs and pubs and entertainment venues.

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  • Offices & Call Centres

    Promoting productivity and wellness through noise control in dynamic workspace environments such as offices and call centres.

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  • Large Industry & Manufacturing

    Optimizing industrial safety with immediate noise visualization in manufacturing and factory settings.

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  • Defence Industry

    Advancing auditory safety and operational efficiency in the challenging and critical environments of the defence industry.

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  • Schools & Education

    Sound levels in schools can significantly impact students' concentration, comprehension, and overall learning experience. From bustling classrooms to crowded hallways, managing noise can be a complex challenge.

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