Transforming Acoustic Environments in Hospitals with SoundEar®

Excessive noise in hospitals is more than just an inconvenience—it's a significant barrier to patient recovery. Unwanted sounds from medical equipment, bustling visitors, and abrupt door closures can lead to increased stress levels among patients and staff alike.

Invest in SoundEar® and bring a revolution in acoustic management to your hospital. Prioritize patient comfort and safety with effective noise control.

Evidence suggests that prolonged exposure to noise levels above 50dB not only disrupts sleep but also extends recovery and rehabilitation periods. This research shows that unsatisfactory acoustic environments can lead to unnecessarily prolonged hospital stays. [View Study Here]

Today's forward-thinking hospitals are prioritizing quieter environments. A well-controlled auditive environment not only accelerates recovery but also fosters better sleep patterns and enhances overall patient well-being.

Enter the SoundEar® - a revolutionary device designed specifically for hospital settings, approved in accordance with IEC 60601-1 standards for medical electrical equipment.

This device is more than just a noise monitor; it's a strategic tool for improving hospital environments. SoundEar® saves hospitals money by reducing patient hospitalisation periods and staff sickness absences.

Once mounted on the wall, SoundEar® actively monitors noise levels, providing an easily understandable visual display. More importantly, it alerts hospital staff when noise levels risk becoming harmful, enabling proactive noise control measures.

The SoundEar® is versatile, suitable for a range of hospital spaces:

  • Neonatal units
  • Operating rooms
  • Recovery rooms
  • Multiple-bed rooms
  • Quiet areas
  • Waiting rooms

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