Importer and Master Distributor of SoundEar® to Australia and New Zealand.

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At Sound Safety, we believe in creating safer, quieter environments for everyone. As an official licensed Australian distributor for SoundEar products, we offer innovative solutions to monitor and control noise in the workplace.

SEE THE NOISE: Active noise alerts make sound levels visual so you can control them!

Exposure to noise is not just an annoyance it’s a health risk. The obvious issue is hearing loss but did you know research points to high blood pressure, stress and heart disease as all being linked to noise exposure.

A key to understanding and minimising the risks of noise is to measure it and make it visual. SoundEar has developed a range of visual warning indicators and noise level monitors that provide a solution to understanding noise exposure levels. The range of products not only display the noise but allow real time monitoring and long-term reporting of noise levels. You can even connect your SoundEar to the cloud and monitor noise levels from anywhere at any time.

Australian heavy industries like mining and aircraft maintenance use the SoundEar’s as key parts of their hearing conservation program.

Hospitals throughout Australia monitor and control noise levels in Neonatal and Intensive care to help patient comfort and recovery.

Pubs, Clubs, Gyms and other public venues in Australia use the SoundEar to manage noise exposure for patrons and neighbours.

Links for important Australian organisations in hearing conservation

  • Mining

    Ensuring worker safety with real-time noise monitoring in loud, potentially hazardous mining environments.

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  • Hospitals & Medical

    SoundEar for Hospitals: Reducing noise, protecting staff, enhancing recovery and patient wellbeing in sensitive hospital areas.

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  • Entertainment Venues

    Managing sound levels to optimize customer experience and safety in vibrant clubs and pubs and entertainment venues.

    Go to Entertainment Venues 
  • Offices & Call Centres

    Promoting productivity and wellness through noise control in dynamic workspace environments such as offices and call centres.

    Go to Offices & Call Centres 
  • Large Industry & Manufacturing

    Optimizing industrial safety with immediate noise visualization in manufacturing and factory settings.

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  • Defence Industry

    Advancing auditory safety and operational efficiency in the challenging and critical environments of the defence industry.

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  • Schools & Education

    Sound levels in schools can significantly impact students' concentration, comprehension, and overall learning experience. From bustling classrooms to crowded hallways, managing noise can be a complex challenge.

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