Noise warning displays and monitoring systems for every setting

SoundEar II

Noise-level warning display for
hospitals, schools, offices and venues

SoundEar II
SoundEar II Industrial

Hearing protection warning display for
factories and industry

SoundEar II Industrial
SoundEar II Industry XL

A big display for
big factories and workshops

SoundEar II Industry XL
SE3-300 with Built-in Logging

3 series with a Class 2 mic and
optional wireless and gsm connectivity

SE 300
SE3-310 Class 2 Noise Logging

Water and dust resistant. Includes
software configuration and reporting

SE 310
Jabra Noise Guide

Noise measurement and visual alert
for the open office space

Jabra Noise Guide

“Seeing is believing”… SoundEar products let you see the noise level!

Exposure to noise is often perceived as more of an annoyance than a health issue. But years of research into noise exposure show that the risk to your hearing is extremely high. The adverse effect of noise on your general health has also been widely proven. A key to understanding the risks of noise is to measure it and make it visual.

SoundEar has developed a range of visual warning indicators and noise level monitors that provide a solution to understanding noise exposure levels. The range of displays and monitors alert anyone exposed to noise in real time and are ideally suited to minimise its risks.

Heavy industries like Rio Tinto through to public venues like the Sydney Opera House, hospitals, schools and your local pub can take advantage of the various features of the devices in the SoundEar range.

Links for important Australian organisations in hearing conservation

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