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SoundEar PRO

Measure noise in up to 10 different areas at a time.

With SoundEar PRO you can monitor noise levels from different locations in the company, from one central computer.

For use in:
  • Factories
  • Entertainment venues – pubs and clubs
  • Hospitals and neonatal units
  • Offices
  • Up to 10 noise meters communicate with main computer wirelessly
  • Central control unit stores measurements in internal memory
  • Follow measurements in real time or go back and see results for a specific date
  • Multiple integrated wireless monitor system
  • Data reports display in real time on a PC or Laptop giving instant reports for each noise meter simultaneously. Also view stored measurements
  • Displays graphically - LAeq min, LAeq max , LAeq average and LCpeak - for each location. Logged every second
  • Each of the wireless meters can also attach a strobe light which flashes when noise levels exceed pre-set limits
  • Being “visual” means the SoundEar PRO system can be used as an educational tool towards a healthier sound environment
  • Invaluable tool for supervisor to demonstrate and monitor noise levels
  • ANSI S1.4 Type 2 to and IEC 61672 Class 2

SoundEar PRO

Wireless Multi-meter Noise Measuring System

The SoundEar PRO is the latest advancement in noise monitoring to hit the market. It is a purpose-designed software application linked wirelessly, or over your LAN cable, to a series of up to 10 Class-2 sound level meters deployed around a venue, factory or facility. SoundEar PRO provides a qualified substitute for routine one-off noise level tests.

Traditionally, noise assessments were carried out by spot-checking the noise levels and extrapolating these readings out to the shift length. This kind of testing fails to capture all peak levels of noise during a shift or indeed fluctuations in noise over the shift length. Both of these significantly affect the total exposure level for an employee.

Now, for about the same cost as a single noise assessment, the SoundEar PRO provides 100% accurate measurement and monitoring of employee noise exposure levels around the clock, 365 days a year.

Up to 10 wireless sound level meters can communicate in real time with the host software running on a PC or laptop. The host software records all data and displays it graphically for ease of use. Simple export options allow for easy report writing directly out of the software.

Optional visual displays can be bound with each wireless meter which are set to flash when noise levels exceed pre set limits. The SoundEar PRO system then becomes a great education tool to enhance your hearing conservation program.

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