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SoundEar II®

Wall-mounted display shows:
RED warning when noise level detected exceeds a pre-set limit.
YELLOW when nearing limit.
GREEN confirms monitoring.

For use in:
  • Hospitals and Neonatal Units
  • Schools
  • Offices and Call Centres
  • Clubs, Pubs & Entertainment Venues
  • Shopping Centres and Public spaces
  • Attractive yet clear warning display for use in public places
  • Set required warning level on dial instantly - from 40 to 115 dB(A) – depending on setting
  • Invauable tool for management/ teacher to demonstrate required noise or music levels
  • Easy single screw wall mounting
  • Powered from normal wall socket
Optional Extras:
  • Optional USB SoundLog records sound levels for analysis and reporting for up to 4 weeks. Provides data logging and evidence of compliance
  • Optional remote large warning lights
  • Optional connection to sound systems to automatically limit the volume

See SoundEar II Industrial for factory and industrial displays.

SoundEar II®

The sound of a good working environment!

You can pre-set your SoundEar II® to provide a visual warning sign - a red light - at 16 noise limits ranging from 40 to 115 dB(A). Use the red wheel at the bottom of the device to select the desired noise limit.

Hang a SoundEar II® on the wall in the kindergarten, after-school care, classroom, day-care centre, music room, club, pub, rehearsal room, music venue, aerobics class or shopping centre.

The SoundEar II® can be connected to an external microphone if the SoundEar II® cannot be placed close enough to the point for monitoring the noise.

The SoundEar II® is ideally suited to pubs, clubs and entertainment venues where noise may be an issue for neighbours as well as staff noise level exposure concerns. Simply hang it on an external wall and dial in a noise level maximum that you want to, or are required to, monitor.

Attach a USB logger option, SoundLog, and you have a record of the noise levels reached over a day, during an event, or up to 4 weeks of continuous levels.

SoundEar II Hospitals

Many hospital patients complain about too much noise. This includes noise from medical equipment, and visitors, closing doors etc.

Research has shown that noise levels above 50 dB(A) delay recovery and rehabilitation periods, thereby causing patients to stay for an unnecessary, longer period of time due to bad acoustic and sound environments.

Click here to see an example of this research.

Hospitals of the future focus on lower noise levels. Not only does a good auditive environment facilitate recovery, it also leads to better sleep patterns and higher levels of patient well-being.

SoundEar II® helps you save money by reducing patient hospitalisation periods and sickness absence. SoundEar II® is mounted on a wall, showing the noise level in an easy to understand manner, and emits a warning whenever the noise level gets too high. SoundEar II® is a good system to utilise in particularly sensitive hospitals areas:

  • neonatal units
  • operating rooms
  • recovery rooms
  • rooms with several beds
  • quiet areas
  • waiting rooms

SoundEar II® has been developed for use in hospitals and is approved in accordance with IEC 60601-1 (medical electrical equipment).


SoundLog is SoundEar II and the SoundEar II Industrial’s optional data logbook.

Provides evidence of compliance and data logging.

A small USB module plugs into the base of the SoundEar II. Saves measurement made by the SoundEar II for up to 4 weeks. Transfer the data from the SoundLog Module to the computer.

With SoundLog software, you can see the measurements for up to 4 weeks on a ready-to-print graph or cut and paste into your reports.

Displaying the sound measurements on a graph across time, it is possible to see exactly how many decibels the sound level reaches and when. In this way, the graph can show where and when noise problems arise, and compares the sound conditions for different weekdays or times of day. The knowledge obtained from this graph makes it easier to accommodate periods of increased noise strain in advance.

SoundLog visualizes and documents the room noise level, thus providing a qualified substitute for previous, less accurate, noise reports.

SoundEar II Base
You can pre-set your SoundEar II® to provide
a visual warning sign consisting of a red light
at 16 noise limits ranging from 40 to 115 dB(A).

Use the red wheel at the bottom of the device
to select the desired noise limit.

SoundEar II Base
SoundEarII® can be connected to an external microphone.

SoundEar II Base
SoundEar II® measures sounds and the
measurements are saved by the data log.
The computer program delivered along with the
data log allows the measurements from the last
four weeks to be shown in a printable graph.

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