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SoundEar® 3-320

The new SoundEar® 3-320 enables you to monitor and map the noise environment.

  • Built in Noise Logger that saves LAeq, LCpeak and other noise measurements for up to 90 days
  • Has a measuring range from 30 dB to 120 dB
  • Dust and Water resistant for industrial uses
  • Ability to turn off the visual warning signal at night so it doesn’t disturb patients sleeping in hospitals
  • Configure front digital display for noise level, temperature, clock or alarm clock
  • Easy connection via USB or wireless to transfer log data of configure the device
  • Included SoundEar software for reporting and configuration
  • Follow measurements in real time or go back and see results for a specific date
  • Easy reporting of noise exposure levels over a selected time or date range
  • All measurements can be saved in a CSV format and can be opened in Excel
To learn more about the features of SoundEar® 3 Series, watch:
Product Demo

Software Demo
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